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Advanced Planner Optimiser
Advanced Planner Optimiser (APO) provides a comprehensive toolset to support the planning and optimisation of supply chain processes at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. The main elements of APO are:

Demand Planning
The demand planning module enables accurate forecasting and demand planning calculations to be automated. Influencing factors can be taken into consideration to produce an accurate demand plan or simulation allowing the planning to be influenced by different independent factors that affect demand.

Supply Network Planning
Allows comprehensive tactical planning. Generally dealing with your organisations distribution network, material requirements, both in terms of quantity and time.

Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP)
Calculating a date and quantity for customer requirements to ensure promises can be upheld, it allows businesses to provide more accurate inventory availability information across complex supply networks and removes the limitations of plant based ATP checks, which are generally a limitation of the traditional SAP ECC.

Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling
Used to create and optimise procurement proposals for in-house production or external procurement.

Transport Planning/Vehicle Scheduling
Allows organisations to concurrently take into account various transportation limitations and constraints to produce an optimised transportation plan and vehicle requirements schedule.

The APO components are part of the SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) platform and can be implemented as part of an integrated SAP ERP solution or as standalone platform working with third party systems. The true value of APO is realised when used with integrated business scenarios, for example with the following SAP modules/processes:
• Enterprise Core Component/ERP
• SCM Supplier Network Collaboration
• SCM Event Management
• Master Data
• Business Intelligence
• Demonstrate, Evaluate, Implement

Tiffinsolutions offer the facility of a comprehensive research and demonstration landscape and can help you rapidly evaluate or prototype your business requirements and support you throughout every aspect of implementing the APO supported business scenarios.

Tiffinsolutions provides a full range of consulting services in APO backed by extensive experience in successfully implementing SAP Supply Chain solutions across a wide range of industries & companies.