Mobile Apps – Building Enterprise Apps

TiffinSolutions has embraced mobile application development since the continued growth and improved capabilities of current smart phones.
We have established a strong expertise in the mobile domain by acquiring an extensive know-how and experience of building mobile applications on the major mobile operating systems: iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
TiffinSolutions mobile portfolio on the following mobile phone platforms is growing clearly reflecting its vision for innovation, originality, and versatility, which are our fundamental success drivers in securing an impressive presence in the mobile world.

Custom App Development & Maintenance Services
Tiffins provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to app development, maintenance, and support. Our services help reduce your total cost of implementation (TCI) and ownership (TCO) while emphasising a quality user experience and a measurement based approach to ROI analysis.
All app design, development, and maintenance is done in the United Kingdom and follows an industry standard software development methodology.

Project & Idea Management
Our consultants work with you to understand your basic requirements then propose the best options for mobilising your concept on iOS/Android/Blackberry. Design proposals and reviews are conducted via desktop sharing. Design decisions are formalized in a Blueprint document. Once blueprinting is complete the development phase begins.

App Development
Our user interface and software engineering experts build the app according to the specifications in the Blueprint. Features and options that are likely to change in the future are designed to be remotely configurable. Choose from a menu of add-on features including: custom ad delivery, push notification, in-app purchases, social media integration, and custom integration. Final beta testing is conducted on your devices using our over-the-air (OTA for IOS) beta distribution platform to simplify and streamline the testing and approval process.

Maintenance & Support
Our annual maintenance and support services relieve you of the obligations to provide end user customer support, bug fixes, and OS compatibility upgrades and include value added services geared towards improving end user satisfaction. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance updates to ensure your app is taking advantage of the latest capabilities and operating as defect-free as possible.
App usage metrics are also included with our maintenance services to help you measure your return-on-investment (ROI). App usage metrics are delivered on demand via a web-based portal 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Traditional beta testing methods for iOS involve manually receiving and copying files as well as a physical device sync before testing is possible. For some testers, the process is much more complicated and error prone than it sounds.

Remote Configuration
All apps tend to have some aspect of the design which might change in the future whether it be URLs, email addresses, functionality, switches, etc. We identify variables that are likely to change in the future and make these options remotely configurable via our client portal.
When these variables change in the future, remote configuration updates all users as necessary without needing to build and submit a new version to Apple or requiring the user to download a new version. In critical break-fix scenarios this can mean the difference between an instant fix and waiting up to two weeks for Apple to approve an update.

Customer Service
Releasing an app on the App Store is just the beginning. The maintenance lifecycle begins as soon as Apple approves the app. A well maintained app is supported by offering end users the ability to quickly and conveniently report issues and/or request features.

Maintenance Release Scheduling
Our maintenance services include regularly scheduled maintenance releases to keep the app fresh and operating optimally. Over time users report issues and Apple introduces new features (and bugs), which result in necessary updates and fixes. Critical bugs affecting functionality and user experience are always addressed immediately. Lower priority bugs and feature enhancements are scheduled in a maintenance window depending on severity. Typical maintenance windows are at 3 or 6 months depending on app usage.
App Usage Metrics
Our maintenance services include standard app usage metrics and reporting. Custom metrics can also be designed and integrated into the app if you wish. App usage metrics are delivered via a web portal and are available on demand 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Standard metrics include but are not limited to:
– Total Downloads
– Active Users
– Total Sessions
– Usage By Device
– Usage By Wireless Provider
– Session Length
– Frequency of Use
– User Retention
– Geographic Analysis
– Trends and Charts

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